Vision for Chiropractic

For over a century, chiropractic has viewed human structure as a simple “bone out of place” model. Is that an accurate and complete model that represents our foundational Vitalism?

To imagine seeing for the first time the integrated relationship between structure and function, and the compressive effects of gravity – in real time – which illuminate the wholeness of the human postural wave in its true complexity – well beyond the “bone out of place” model.

To begin again our original journey of evolving the chiropractic craft to restore the energetic flow of life.  To quantify, clarify, and systematically map the three-dimensional release pattern of all misalignments’ primary dysfunctions, allowing us to more thoroughly provide humanity with a higher energetic level of sagittal Tensegral & frontal plane fractal sustainability.

To imagine being the structural experts that Chiropractic once envisioned, and fulfill our promise to be the masters of this science, philosophy, and art that is the cornerstone for the release of interference to our infinite potential.

That is the Vision.

That is our Vision.

It has already begun.