Mission for Humanity

It is our QSM3 mission to be leaders in developing and providing the research, the foundation, and the method for releasing, restoring and maintaining global postural health.

Gravity is the largest stressor to the structure of the human body. Its long-term effects can be experienced as pain syndromes, energy deficiencies, and a vast number of degenerative, neurological, cardiovascular, and cellular diseases.

The structure of the human body is the foundation for its function and gravity is the largest stressor of that structure. Improper structure leads to degeneration, collapse, and decreased health. Balancing the whole body to a sustainable posture is the purpose of our work. The QSM Chiropractic technique has integrated Tonal chiropractic, bio-structural theories of Tensegrity, and neurological patterns into the only method of 3D structural release in the chiropractic profession.

According to Donald Ingber, a leading bio-structural authority, If stresses are excessive or sustained, then our bodies remodel themselves through‘‘mechanochemistry’’, i.e., force-dependent changes in molecular polymerization–depolymerization dynamics or alterations of molecular biochemistry. In this way, Tensegrity governs how mechanical forces influence the form and function of the living cells that inhabit all of our tissues.”

Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (2008) 12, 198–200

Tensegrity and Mechanotransduction – Donald E. Ingber, M.D.,Ph.D.a,b,

Wyss Institute at Harvard University

“ The human body once traumatized has a neurology that says create balance. Misalignments should be organized and make sense in its structural -neurologic relationship. The head cannot subluxate, it only compensates. The head tilt response aka righting reflex is a direct indicator of the structural – functional relationship. In normal biomechanics, function opposes structural dysfunctions.”

Russell Friedman DC