QSM³ Tensegrity

When the two ends of a line approximate or bend inwards, it creates tension. This tension creates an arch that is capable of supporting significant stress. If the arch is flexible like those in the spine, it functions as a Tensegral spring. If it is rigid like the ribs and rib cage, it provides more strength and stability.

QSM³: The Method, The 3D Model

With every misalignment, there is a structural injury and a response to that trauma. The wisdom inside of us is busy working to maintain our upright position in order to minimize our three dimensional collapse under gravitational stress, and our diminishing energetic value over time.

QSM³ Vitalism

QSM³ is a forward thinking cervical, global, and tonal based chiropractic method. Cervical adjustments have long been the area of historical and present “ miracle cases”.QSM3 continues to advance that esteemed lineage as the only chiropractic procedure that measures 3D posture of the whole body…

“In correcting a patient through our hands, we have returned to feeling and connecting energetically with our ability to feel resistance.  While doing a correction, I am completely focused on the flow of the energy from my hands to the physical (or matter) of my patient.  It is for me my “quiet place.”  Many of you know this “Eden zone” where, for a moment, we are able to experience what Universal Intelligence must feel as the Giver of 100%.  It is a place that makes us passionate about what we do and drives us to better serve and improves ourselves.  At one time, the atlas seemed so big, and now it barely exists – aside from the great memories of trying to battle it to horizontal.  I don’t miss those days of defeat, but I know without a doubt that the process itself is always perfect.”

Russell Friedman DC, Board Certified: QSM³, NUCCA, Orthospinology, BSME