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The founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, first saw structural health on a Tonal and Energetic basis. Today, that wholeness – ‘Oneness’ structural concept is re-emerging as a term known as bio-tensegrity. This marks a significant evolution in the understanding of human anatomy-physiology and as such, a relevant development for chiropractic as the structural engineers of human posture. 

Bio-Tensegrity visualizes the body’s structural system as an expansile supporting balloon. Fascial and osseous components are integrated together as they create a perfect mix for mobility and stability. When considering the anatomical planes, the frontal plane maintains as the stabilizing vertical structure, where the sagittal plane utilizes a ‘three-curve’ vertebral spine to maintain mobility via flexibility. All parts considered are assimilated and contained within an expanding fascial balloon; creating the mastery of bio-tensegrity that allows us to move freely without flaw. 

Our ability to stand upright, and even more so, be in motion, is a complexity interfaced by a neurological system communicating and modulating the myo-fascial integration. This communication is made through a sophistication of proprioception. A unique bipedal organization, where our upright stance creates a least energetic resistance and output against gravity. 

Through life that changes. Traumas damage the fascial fabric and a person’s bio-tensegral integrity and energetics. Yet, the body does not fall over like a building or a linear Newtonian model. The life force via the nervous system attempts to restore optimal balance. This however results in the weakening of the bio-tensegrity and its ability to maintain orthogonal. Gravitational stress collapses all of us over time, similar to a balloon losing air. Vertical shortening is global and not local as all health care professionals point to – ie: joint degeneration, curve loss, osseous bending, and local symptomatology. These are mere mechanistic signs of global bio-tensegral collapse, that is pervasive in the population as ”the grandma effect.” 

This physical phenomenon is visible to the naked eye, measurable on full spine films, and detailed on the QSM3 Posture iQ®. Symptoms and the localized breakdown then become the communication from Innate for support not as the underlying global cause. 

Anatomists have defined the human structure as Tensegral, physiologists have defined its fascial connections and function; and twenty-five years of research has shown the deleterious effects of bio-tensegral breakdown. The road is paved for the chiropractor – to define the restoration of human bio-tensegrity. Over the past decade, this is what the QSM3 methodology has aimed to achieve and in my humble opinion, has done. QSM3 stands alone as the leader of bio-tensegral restoration and a return to our tonal origin. 

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“Reduction of the upper cervical elements but continued misalignment of the pelvis sets up an ongoing situation of aberrant tension in the whole kinetic chain.”

Michael Thomas DC, QSM³ Innovator