Doctor Listing

The QSM3 directory is a list of providers for patients seeking QSM3 care. Each listing has the name, contact information, primary technique, and certification level to help in your search. The directory also lists proficiency level. This is based on seminars attended, QSM3 certification level, and whether the clinic has an official QSM3 Posture iQ.

QSM3 Proficiency Levels

  • Master Level (20 seminars, QSM3 Full Board Certification)
  • Instructor Level (15-19 seminars, QSM Level Certification, Office has official QSM3 Posture iQ)
  • Gold Level (10-14 seminars, QS Level Certification)
  • Silver Level (5-9 seminars)
  • Bronze Level (0-4 seminars)
  • *Indicates – Clinic has a QSM3 official Posture iQ diagnostic instrument.