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QSM3 is based on clinical findings and current research of biomechanics and its effect on human physiology and health. This has led to a paradigm shift within the chiropractic profession and upper cervical chiropractic. We have emerged from an “articular” (bone out of place) model to a “tonal” (body out of place) model. A “body” out of place creates global tension affecting the well being of that body.

Our new understanding of the effect of gravity on the (whole) body and the ensuing tension-compression syndrome has facilitated a new methodology for corrective postural analysis and care. This “flow model”, called “cause to correction” measures and analyzes postural distortion 3-dimensionally, with the intent to release tensional asymmetries via the neuro-myofascial interconnection and to restore Tensegrity. This releases the framework and opens life’s homeostatic structural, functional, and energetic potential (Vitalism).

It is our unique interest in the cervical region as the converging hub of neuro-myofascial access and release that makes QSM3 the progressive method and organization in chiropractic today.

The Q Foundation serves to advance the vision and initiatives of the QSM3 organization by continuing to explore and understand the mechanics of body breakdown and correction. We have a global initiative to investigate the impact that our method has on advancing chiropractic, improving health, and reducing healthcare costs to patients.


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As a recently formed, tax exempt, nonprofit organization, the Q Foundation is seeking your help in funding projects and programs that will allow us to expand the impact of our efforts. Currently we are seeking help with the following projects:

QSM3 Scholarship

Enable a chiropractic student to attend one of our QSM3 Seminars, and help train and develop them as future QSM3 doctors.

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QSM3 Development

Your contribution will go directly into research that advances our methodology, and to the development of equipment and products needed to help deliver the best patient care.

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QSM3 Research

Help fund one of our QSM3 research projects. Our current project is a Parkinson’s study.

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