Case study

Good consistent corrections come when we are willing to let go of the ego. That’s the thing the puffs us up and closes us off. The openness to let go of the ego and want to improve is what allows the possibility to GROW. Bottom line, there is no one out there that can’t do better, just egos that stand in our way and say they are the best. It is the ego that locks us up and stagnates our potential. Letting it go, although not easy, is where the growth truly begins. I use to call it the “I stink” phase. I use to remind myself that I was just a regular doing his best. This self-introspection and letting go was, has, and will always be my driving force. But for this to occur, you must be willing to let go of the ego “that holds you from learning,” and binds your ability to hear new concepts. Are you ready to let go?

Every seminar I spend the first couple hours breaking down a belief system. The sentences always start with “ I think” or “They say.” I am never clear on whom “they are” but I can assure you they do not have all the answers. This is the most prevalent from new practitioners. They quote others without knowing for themselves. When will you speak truth for yourself?

Last week, I spent some time with a Doctor who worked with Dr. Gregory. This doctor was clear that Gregory was a thinker and he was progressive to learn and grow.

I ask you. Are you willing to grow and lead or just follow and believe? How many Pre’s and Posts have you seen to support the claims:

  • We don’t need to improve and time should stop.
  • We have reached the pinnacle of understanding
  • My way is perfect

 No Upper Cervical technique has evolved the biomechanics model or the dynamic corrective procedure for at least thirty or forty years.

 The corrective procedure will never be enhanced by an extra piece of lead on out filters. You will only start growing when you are open to grow the dynamics in a correction. This is where the QSM3 model originated.



Common Sense

Corrective biomechanics involves the complete measurable and visualization of the COMPLETE SYSTEM. This includes the understanding of mass and density that are the fundamentals of Newtonian Law.

Large mass rules over small mass at the same velocity!

The challenge is why are we so stuck on an idea that is so obsolete? We know that the body is magnificent, it heals itself, and the neurology at the C1 is extensive. Yet, the body is a closed kinetic chain that has different masses and levers. The C1 is not a mass that creates reaction. It is a mass that creates balance. I have proved that by the biomechanics used to correct this misalignment in ONE correction. I invite anyone at any time to visit and see for yourself.

 This corrective procedure to reduce a 13/16-plane line was dependant on the understanding of the resistant pathways from pelvis to C1

 Biomechanics Discussion- how can it be?

A plane line of 13/16 from the beginning of time is driven down. Increase the leverage by raising the height factor and have a table placement at the center of gravity (CG) of the skull to close the articulations on the side of laterality.

 NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!

 The largest lever is the pelvis and lower extremity. From the misalignment information above, the weight differential is in the left frontal plane. The C0, C1, C2 are counterbalances to this substructure below. Correct the primary below and the counterbalance will zero out.

 In this misalignment I dropped out the head like a type 2 or kink. This is unheard of because of the ridiculous concept of kicking up the plane line.

 This is what we learn at the seminars. When you understand the pathways, you can correct the primary.

The next one is September 23rd in San Francisco.

If you want to continue to talk about the work of others… stay home. If you would like to have others talk about your work…see you in San Francisco to begin a path of truth. Your Ego deserves it!