I have come to realize that one of the fascinating things we perform daily is that we can actually restore the path to health with the slightest touch to the neck. The restoration of the human frame to its tensegral “up and open” posture is the foundation of health and we are the gatekeepers of that foundation.  All other therapies and rehabilitative procedures are based on our foundational work. However, it is imperative that we continue on the path to grow and improve – we can never “rest on laurels.”

Our predecessors only began the journey we are continuing today. The vector that Grostic and Gregory developed was a significant breakthrough 60+ years ago. It gave us the beginning of a system that has measurable parameters.

Introspection, however, is the greatest gift because it grounds us and brings opportunity for further growth and insight. New thoughts have developed lately. The 3D evaluation of the human body and its subsequent pathways has opened renewed conversation about Upper Cervical (UC) work. This has evolved further to a measurable approach to access the resistant pathways and the ability to know which direction will unlock the resistance. This is the process of leverage with the wrist. It is a tissue pull direction that releases. Both of these aspects are measurable and aid considerably in our work.

The process to set patient and headpiece to ‘stack the pathways’ is called integration. This sets the closed kinetic chain to access andintegrate multiple misalignments that are non-linear. Integration is a measurable component and allows our energy to flow though the patient more completely. This is we discussed previously as stacking otr integrating the set of dominos.

Integration and decompression is the language of our future (Having the vector was a significant step but was apparently not enough for consistent corrective care… hence the fudge factors).

The QSM3 system sees beyond the vector. Its protocol measures:

  • the resistant pathways
  • and integrates the multiple misalignment breakdown
  • the compression of the human frame
  • and restores tensegrity all with a consistent algorithm

What has become clear through our continuing evaluation of our work is that the vector is only the key to the lock.  Finding the lock and opening the lock are the missing pieces of which we are now aware. We have now begun the process of articulation of this insight. The lock is the measuring of pathways to place the vector or to set the path of the flow of the energy we deliver. It is the lining up of the pieces of the closed kinetic chain so the energy travels correctly through the pathway.

This information comes from the digital posture and is transposed to the skull and patient placement. The opening the lock is the removal of resistance. Resistance has a feel and a direction that can be overcome. Just as a door lock has a specific pattern which allows the key to open or close the lock, the removal of resistance has an open and close pattern (or protocol) as well.

For consistent corrective care, these three concepts are critical:

the key (static), the lock (dynamic 1), and the opening (dynamic 2).

No misalignment(s) can be managed with any sort of consistency without the practitioner’s understanding of these three critical concepts.

The integration and decompression of these three have electrified many Upper Cervical practitioners to again start thinking beyond the “one bone out of place” concept. That paradigm is completely incompatible with the new insights that are evolving. As practitioners we do our patients no favor by ignoring these new, electrifying protocols.

These new protocols allow the 3D misalignment of the human body to be corrected from the UC region. Integration of all the parts into our collective thought process only gives us more information. Information like the specificity that Grostic and Gregory once initiated has elevated the vector-based work further than where BJ stood. Were it not for these two men who questioned the concepts of their time, we would be still looking at ASRA and ASRP. We are at a similar crossroad today. There are those who hold to the past and rebuke progress. There are others who are awake and open to the wisdom of Universal Intelligence which asks us to advance and improve. To which group do you belong?

The integration of the data below is a “magical” step to grow beyond who you are and to become part of the new Upper Cervical Progressive.

  • X-ray series
  • Short leg
  • Compression of the BOX
  • C2 integration
  • Weight differential
  • Pelvic rotation

Our process is now one of “removal and release.” We remove the resistance that holds the body compressed from gravity in its degenerating misaligned posture. We now know that compressing it with a downward force is unproductive and not optimal.  Restoration of the tensegrity posture means releasing and allowing the body to un-spiral back to its “up and open” state back to tensegrity. This magnificent unwinding is synergistic with universal intelligence because it is the restoration of how we were made to be.

  • Measure the vector (the key)
  • Connect the pathway of the closed kinetic chain (the lock)
  • Remove the resistance (open the lock)

This is the process to restore the posture to the “up and open” tensegrity which only through the QSM3 protocol of remove and release is this posture a reality.

Russell Friedman DC