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                        Upper Cervical Progressive   

Good Day Doctor,

Thank you for your recent correspondence. I believe the “life’s blood” of our branch of health care depends on just such important and passionate exchanges. I would like to clarify some things which have helped me to evolve my present philosophical and practical approach to Chiropractic.

The original philosophy in Chiropractic held that the human body was, and is, self-healing. It is a beautiful concept, but without rigorous science to manifest it (via peer-reviewed journals) and open minds to analyze it, question it, debate it, and ultimately attempt to repeat it, it will remain only a theory. It is our goal as the practitioners of the present era to question and test old theories to allow new thoughts and systems to arise. This is the protocol of progress and, through it, excellence.

The Chiropractic curricula unfortunately currently teach procedures from the early 1900’s to the 1960’s. The technique procedures themselves and their Boards, (now in their 2nd and 3rd generation) are not the products of the biomechanics visionaries who once carved new paths for our profession. This has left us, in the present era, stagnated. Now new doctors do not (and often times cannot) ask questions of these venerable “elders” and their work. Since this kind of rigorous Q&A is not only neither tolerated nor encouraged, but is in fact met with scathing denunciations by their teachers and mentors, this leaves the newest, brightest thinkers in this generation with only the unfortunate option of jumping on the same old bandwagon of criticism based on what “was”, not what “could be”.

You and the other members must embolden yourselves enough to ask questions. You may not remember that old bumper sticker, but it applies to all of the present generation of chiropractors. “QUESTION AUTHORITY.” You must, all of you, always question that which is presented to you. Is this the best way?  Is it the only way?  How can I know if it works or if something else could work better? Where are the data?  Where are the dataWhere are the data?! Ask this of yourself, your colleagues, your teachers…ask it of me. Then listen to the silence or the obfuscations, the evasions, the too-easy dismissals. Consider them and then realize that I will actually show you the data.  I am the only one who can show you unemotional, rational, scientific data to support my approach.

Consider this:

Although the use of roentgenography in chiropractic has a very long history, no one has yet been able to show in the peer reviewed, indexed literature (the papers available to the scientific and healthcare community at large in the world) that we can set people into the x-ray chair, clamp them in, take a proper picture, and analyze the films with the degree of accuracy which is fundamental to a ‘gold standard outcome measure’. 

Unfortunately, the current literature shows the opposite.  Twenty-seven years ago, a grossly flawed study was published in JMPT which asserted that doctors can only be within 2 degrees of each other in terms of inter-examiner accuracy.

Michael Thomas DC, Director of Research

So, here are some facts.

  1. Never has an upper cervical procedure proved the reliability of an x-ray or analysis. As a matter of fact, a recent pilot study, which you probably never heard about, showed that certified doctors were unable to analyze the same film twice on different occasions and get the same side of laterality or rotation.
  2. Never has a study been done to demonstrate the repeatability by different doctors of the ability to position the same patient and then produce multiple analyses. And even if a study did prove analysis reliability, it does not prove the two variables of x-ray positioning and analysis coupled together.
  3. Every doctor after placement and analysis vector after placement, changed (fudged) the vector before the correction.
  4. If you detailed a misalignment to a certified doctor, not one would have the same correction vector, headpiece, or protocol to correct it.  Is this science, consistent, or even a valid algorithm?
  5. The biomechanical model that the C1 and skull are the anatomical primary misalignment has no structural or physiological support. It is clear that anatomically the cup and ball of the C0/C1/C2 is the balancing system.  The Newtonian 3rd Law would also support this view. Physiologically the righting reflex and the mechanoreceptor modulation bed support this concept.

QSM3 Difference

The QSM3 difference is simple. We do not have all the answers; we do not even have all the questions. Our strength comes from the premise that we do not know enough. It is this courage to be able to acknowledge our ignorance that makes us stronger. Remember: The beginning of wisdom is the realization of ignorance. This was the mindset of greats like Gregory and Grostic. They asked the hard questions. They put their efforts into solving the problems not criticizing others. Without them asking questions and recognizing what they did not know, they never would have received answers and changed history 50-60 years ago.

At QSM3 this is what we strive to emulate. QSM 3 has advanced so many aspects of our profession. There is no doubt about it. Just listen to the doctors who are using it. We will be the future.

This has occurred for one reason…we are open to answers. The fact is, we will never be satisfied with the status quo. I believe if you are honest with yourself, you will be willing to take the challenge I have outlined below. I would treasure your response – it would be the first!


  1. I challenge you to prove that your system holds the standard you posit.  Post 25 consecutive pre/posts of your own on the internet (with visible X-Ray dates) within 30 days.
  2. Please detail to me the biomechanical protocol which you have used to establish a vector for all misalignments.
  3. Invite me to your office for a day to see your work, films, analyses, and the results that you send me to within 30 days.
  4. I invite you to attend the Las Vegas QSM3 seminar in September for FREE with a guarantee that you will learn more biomechanics in 3 days than all you know right now.
  5. To be open to a new path that challenges everything you think you stand for today 

Free Will

We all have free will. Crayons and the first computer operating system (Fortran) were invented in the 1900’s and the 1950’s respectively. The question is why are so many of our colleagues so complacent, so ready to accept the “tried and true”?  Why do we justify a system that needs fudge factors? Why do talk as if we have proven our most simple premise? Why are they happy with crayons? It is deceptive (some may even say hypocritical) to ourselves, our profession, and our patients.

I for one refuse to use crayons or Fortran anymore. They were important at one time but are now obsolete. Today, I choose the IPad, IPhone 4, and the solid state Mac Air.  I do not need to choose an armature phone to validate Alexander G. Bell. Proficiency, improvement, and efficiency are built upon the work of earlier pioneers.

Humans are made to create. We can choose to be open to creation or to hold to stagnation. The history of the world is littered with those who stagnated. My path is apparent from my engineering degree to the succession of multiple UC certifications. I choose to add to our work and the film series that you speak of is quality. Your path also speaks loudly. As fact has it, that is all it does…speak. Five years in practice and you are not even a level 1 candidate! Your web speaks of the wonders of a procedure and your abilities, yet not one shred of proof of your accomplishments or proof of performance anywhere. Why do you lean on others when they actually produce. The answer lies in your egos unworthiness and speaks through your actions. Its pattern to just talk, as you have with your unqualified incorrect banter. You fit well with your technique comrades. You put up your films. No one in your group has for 60 years ever!

There are two kind of people… performers that rise based on there efforts and good deeds that they add to society, and others that try to rise by squashing them. I know where I stand. Where are you my friend?

I will always live my life, as you do, based on the passion I hear in your writing in the pursuit of knowledge. I hope yours shifts into openness, growth and the solutions of life. It is something I choose, and a gift to my children, so that I will not hold my present space, but be open to the grandeurs of exploration and to new things that unfold over time. Make your own path through uplifting yourself from your merits not by being the spoiler

I look forward to spending some time with you soon. My best to you and your family.