QSM³ Module 1 with X-ray

This 2-day intensive class offers an introduction and review of the QSM³

foundational concepts, and is ideal for 1st time or returning students and doctors.

The core QSM³ method and focus will be presented:

  • Our updated perception and concentration on reducing and releasing whole body subluxations and human misalignments in a living system that has been traumatized, compensated, and collapsed under gravity, rather than just attempting to restore a bone out of place
  • The use of 3D Tonal Biomechanics to restore the highest structural energy and Tensegrity to the human body.
  • Our cause to correction flow pattern and release algorithm as the platform for a more complete, dynamic, predictable, and stable corrective adjustment
  • Posture measurements and analysis
  • Discussion of Asymmetrical Tension and Biomechanics
  • Proper Patient Placement for the best corrections

This class includes an additional intensive on x-ray placement and    analysis.

This is a lecture only class.

10 hours: Friday 5-8pm, Saturday 9-4pm, No CE Credits Available

Cost: $500DC/$300 Student