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A message from Chiropractor, Dr. Russell Friedman

Everything that supports life in the human body can be seen as a function of blood supply. The better the blood supply the more nutrition, oxygenation, and removal of toxins. The human frame is a magical system. When it is unable to function in the state that it is in, it tells us so by the expression of symptoms.

The human frame is integrated as a tensegral structure. This means ‘up and open’ like an inflated balloon. This only occurs when the full posture of the body is centered and untwisted. When the body fully aligns its tensegral structure with gravity, the body receives its optimal blood, nutrition and oxygenation. Breakdown of the body away from this position (off the vertical axis coupled with the resulting transverse torsion of the various components) is called spinal misalignment.

Spinal misalignment is the fundamental cause of all dis-ease because it compresses the body and initiates a long term ‘suffocation’ of cells, tissues, organs, and body systems. This breakdown effects our existence in three fundamentally deleterious ways:

1. The tractioning of the brain and spinal cord – the energy system
2. The torsional stress on the muscular and joint systems spasms, arthritis, progressive joint degeneration
3. Compression of the whole body – decreasing blood supply to all systems

The elucidation of the breakdown of the tensegrity model provides a significant advancement in the rationale for correcting spinal misalignments. The QSM³ procedures actually take the excursions of the full spine and pelvis into clinical consideration, greatly enhancing the correction of this foundation of health.

-Dr. Friedman DC

“ Now we are beginning to understand how release of compression can un-torque the whole kinetic chain creating real equipoise for the patient.”

Michael Thomas DC, Director of Research