There are so many healing professions from the mechanical MD who postures the body like a machine to the energy healer that thinks it’s all about moving chi. There was a time where I thought they were wrong but have grown to realize that this diversity is a fascinatingphenomenon, simply different degrees of hearing. It’s so cool. It’s that way with everything in the world…medicine, architecture, and religion.

Our souls, innate intelligence, whatever you want to call it… are ALL developing at some level or another.

It is therefore present in our profession as well. There are hand adjusters and machine adjusters. There are doctors that rely on x-ray and ones that don’t even own an x-ray machine. There are the ones that are all intuition and others that need data and adjusting instruments. The vector based UC lives by H4 A2 to solve the mysteries of our alesand the Network doc opens the meridians of our life force so dramatically different. They are all truths of the whole. There was a time where innovation was what we stood for. That was credo that was initiated when DD touched Harvey Lillard and stepped forward to carve a new health direction called Chiropractic. It grew because innovation excites us. That excitement is a signal from innate that words like innovation, imagination is GOOD.

BJ built on DD, Gonstead on Diversified, and Gregory & Grostic on Wernsig. These are a few of the many pioneers. They are founders of their time because of their imagination and their willingnessto follow heart.

Alan Alda said: The creative is a place where no one has been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and into the wilderness of your intuition. 

What happened to our heart? Numbers, machines… this is not our path!

The universe is moving and chiropractic will move with it when we are willing to imagine, move, and act individually. Quantum physics talks of the informational field. KingSolomon said, there is nothing new under the sun.

And1. The Major Premise.

A universal intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

Connecting is what opens the process to receive. And it starts when we ask for answers and continues as we open our hearts and clears our minds.

There is no stopping movement. You either flow or stress. Stress serves a purpose as a symptom to create change. It has motivated all of us here today. I have through my stress and have left groups that have forgotten their imagination. Over the lastchiropractic generation, we first lost our science, than we lost our art, and philosophy without science & art is minimized to a football cheer. In other words, we became by-standers. That will never occur here and I ask you to imagine further.

“When you are unsure about the future, keep doing what is in front of you with all your heart and with love, and what is meant for you will find you.”

~Guru Mayi Chidvilasananda

It is our vision to restore the imagination and the balance as DD, BJ, Gonstead, Gregory and many others. WE represent expansion while most others represent contraction. And it is will succeed because of you who are willing to imagine as well. I have pulled and pushed you all to here. If this resonates to you than imagine a movement that not only moves a profession but an industry. It is possible.

The vision to measure the human body and account for it as only a bone out of place will diminish. Imagination has already opened that door.  X-ray that reduces us to a linear 2 dimensional line vector is not our future because the human body is a #D nonlinear system. We are not a measurable robotic algorithm. We are a flow system that is constantly modulating to steady state and our future will need non-linear science to expand.

We have learned a lot in 7 years. The method has cause to correction. It flows and makes sense, really good sense. Understanding the biomechanics has brought us to a new opportunity, a new doorway.

You will learn a lot this weekend. And for success, the biomechanics is notcompletion.

Learning has three steps. In the kabbalah it is called Chochmah, Binah, Das.

Receive, Understand, Create

Our inception was defined by change but change is not our mantra anymore and the pointer of the stress it brings is apparent: CCE, lotions, potions, and promotions, functional neurology and the institution alliances with nutrition etc.

We have received, we understand and have created biomechanics model.  But that is only ½ of the equation. Now the path is hitting the ball. That is connectivity.

Doctor connectivity is the place where we generate most energy least effort. Doctor patient connectivity is where you release that energy in the least resistant pathway. I remember the phrase.How cannot release someone else’s resistance until you release your own. Peace, heart, conscious, connectivity. That is the place that you must stand to correct happily. It is letting go that will clear this path. In a world of control that is a daunting task. It is not something you do but undo.

Henry David Thoreau said

Achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

There may be some stress along with learning to let go and connect. Connectivity works when if you can forget ALL the rules. And that is really tough because most of started this work because we were seeking the rules.

Some call it the field others call it the zone. The human body is heart and soul, physical and energy, linear and non-linear. My wife Rita and My brother Dr. Thomas are two of my angels. I thank them and honor them tonight for form their wisdom, I have received, understand, and have begun to create.

The body is not linear and we have been given a gift to grow that is non-linear. It is heart and soul. It can be measured, but we must learn to measure a nonlinear system with emerging non-linear tools to grow. We must realize that knowing the physical is only 1/3 of the mind, body, and spirit connection. The better we balance the better we balance.

The human body is not a bone out of place. It is an alive fantastic piece and connected one to Universal intelligence wrapped in a physical unit with a prime purpose to expand our consciousness.

The energy we pass along to our patients is so far beyond a bone out of place but a magical place of connectivity that I desperately want you to experience. To do that you must breathe and relax and forget about it!

The biomechanics of the human body is relatively established. Postural data points and headpiece position is one small entry point of our work. The rest is the connectivity first of ourselves and than with our patients. If you leave here thinking I can analyze posture I have the answer…. Your stress will continue. It is that pattern that thinks it needs to fix someone else is the error of our minds. It is camouflage of the prime purpose to create from before creation.

Albert Einstein said:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

When you let go of the way and flow with feels right, you will blow it up. It’s why you are already drawn here. Connectivity and your heart.

Forget the correctionand remember the connection.

 So the growth for some this weekend will be to learn the biomechanics and for some just to startletting them go.  Make room for your heart and imagination. Be open to receive and receive you will. Allow the universe to control and guide you. Flow with and pay attention to the pointers that will carve the flow for you to resonate highest.


Blessing to all of you for stepping forward in the pursuit to create more light as an individual that WILL MOVE our profession once again.

On Purpose And In Progress,




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