When Michelangelo was trying to improve his sculptures, he understood that by simply replicating the EXTERIOR of the human body, he would never actually be creating a re-creation unless he understood what CAUSED the body to look/function as it does.  Why do the knuckles, knee, neck, stomach LOOK the way they do, what are the underlying structures that result in that particular look and why does it change when we move.

At the time, 1400s, the RC Church was not only the underwriting/sponsor of his work, but also of course politically controlled all of Italy (and most of Europe).  It was illegal to dissect a human body because the Church dogma held that at the end of time (Gabriel, etc.), our physical, human bodies would be raised from the dead and therefore had to be physically intact.

But Michelangelo defied the Church, in secret of course, and had grave robbers get him corpses to dissect in order to learn how the body works.  Because he did this, because he defied the current authorities and dogma, he created some of the greatest works of art in Western civilization. They were the truest, most accurate because he used the dissection in order to create new views and understandings of us. Dissection leads to creation if you are on purpose and open to creating. If not you will only regurgitate what is.

In order to take that “next step” forward in art, both dissection and creativity were needed…the intensive examination of the minutiae of the human form was the foundation upon which some of the most emotionally charged of all art ever created was built.  Dissection in order to understand that “how” leading the creation of a new view of humanity.

Chiropractic is the same way. We have dissected the human body and theorized the subluxation with multiple diagnostic and 100’s of procedures, but have we taken the next step to learn, grow, and create from this process of dissection? Dissection gives us the knowledge that we build the platform for creation to occur. Our better understanding leads to increased creation.

Creation started as a triangle in the Old Testament. Quantum physics says, “your perception is your reality (Double Slit Theory), and Consciousness folks say, “You attract what you are.” So as it goes the dissection is the foundation for creation.

And without the BOTH… change and growth cannot occur.

And that is contrary to the Principle Purpose of Universal Intelligence.

Controversy is an outcome of creation. Different thoughts are always accepted by some and rejected by others. That is the way of it, and it can feel personal at times. It isn’t. Allow creation to occur irregardless as you follow innate and your heart. You choose if you are comfortable and resonant where you are and allow others that courtesy. However do not be silent. Voicing new thoughts are way for progress to occur and others to resonate higher as well.

Every moment hold some of dissection and some of growth. Lets continue creating again and grow our great profession forward by the ones that were built tocreate. Let others learn the great procedures of our predecessors in the process of dissection.

Russell Friedman

C Johnson