2016 QSM³ Membership

Membership is designed to benefit both the doctor and the organization. Membership gives the doctor additional marketing strategies, a wealth of information to improve your personal skills, a sounding board for new ideas, and  a group of people with like minds in driving Upper Cervical Chiropractic into the next generation. It provides the organization with monies to grow through research, marketing, and professional speaking opportunities in venues like Chiropractic Homecomings, Research Symposiums. The growth in knowledge and wisdom will drive us as doctors to the next level and make QSM³ cutting edge Chiropractic. Get involved and reap the benefits. Be associated with a non-profit 501 (c)(3) and help bring more good into the world. A special thanks to you for supporting the progressive future of the Chiropractic profession!

New Membership Pricing Coming Soon