Chiropractic is back on the move.  We are again asking questions in order to grow and become better stewards of our craft.  As I continue my travels around the country, lecturing at different schools, one thing has become very clear to me.  This new generation of students is different.  They are inquisitive and open to questioning and advancing our knowledge.  They don’t resonate with the method that the entire body is minimized to “a bone out of place”.  They see an alive body with all its subluxated components.  The physical, the energetic, and their inextricably interwoven relationship from trauma to compensation resonates more with them.

“Energy moves in waves.
Waves move in patterns.
Patterns move in rhythms.
A human being is just that…
Energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
A dance!”

Ramana Maharishi

 Over the past six years, at QSM3, we have worked to diligently bring Lantz’s model of subluxation (below) congruent with a method that is as big as it is.  Stephenson’s model is no longer big enough for our reach. Philosophically we see Vitalism, but biomechanically and correctively we use mechanism. That is changing.

We see a flow model of physical (matter), energy (innate), gravity (force), compensation (innate/matter), and time as inter-related to correct the true magnitude of the subluxation. It is complex.

This investigation has been fascinating. We have investigated to determine which are the structural components that make up balance… what is the body’s mechanism to facilitate that balance…which led us to the first step beyond “a bone out of place”.  How those components responded followed.  Our next quest it to learn how to sequentially return those back to their most stable.

It is time for the method to equal the current model.  Lantz1 has since revised and expanded the “vertebral subluxation complex” model to include nine components:

  1. Kinesiology
  2. Neurology
  3. Myology
  4. Connective tissue physiology
  5. Angiology
  6. Inflammatory response
  7. Anatomy
  8. Physiology
  9. Biochemistry

Compression of a Tensegral model is a large enough model that satisfies Lantz.  Blood pressure, meningeal irritation, cord compression, curve loss, joint irritation, OA, and every pain syndrome can be linked to the loss of Tensegrity, all chiropractic indicators, and every mechanistic method.  Global stress overloads the energetic value (EV) and affects all nine components in its entirety, described by Lantz’s model.  This is a milestone in so many ways.  We have a functional model of relationships that step beyond current thought.

For too long chiropractic has evaluated the body as inanimate, now there is an energy revival emerging as the universe innately pushes for balance.   Chiropractors have long held a position of “I’m right” instead of “let’s do better” and the effects of that stasis are visible.  The emergence of selling rather than empowering, politics over method, and TIC over growth has produced stagnation and a public that is skeptical of our service.  Many are more concerned with cost rather than care.

It is what it is but is now changing.  Not being in balance with universal intelligence has its consequences and its pain.  It cannot be sustained.  There will be a natural correction.  We carry that responsibility for our profession – we are that natural correction.  As we turn again towards Vitalism, and the concept of corrective 3D care increases, the force against that move will increase.  Change is difficult and familiarity is safe for many.  However, the act of holding on to the safe and known is usually the result of fear, which holds in place the refusal to learn something new.  It’s exciting to learn a new thought.  It has brought us to a visualization of the whole human body: a flow pattern analysis of it physically, energetically, over time.   Not learning, but holding in place, brings us only more fear and further retrenchment.

We are the ones who understand not just the anatomy of Tensegrity but the method – which is measurable – to restore the body from a quasi-compressed/tension system to a better Tensegral state of existence.  We bring the balance between the energy and the physical.

The roots of DD Palmer are blending with contemporary thought and Tensegral biomechanics.  Just as the emergence of health food, nutrition, essential oils, and consciousness, our craft is returning to Vitalism balanced by a 3D method.  We have only begun to understand the flow model of the subluxated body that includes the physical, energy, time, and gravity, and we continue to ask questions.  This reweaving of our understanding of energy and matter is where we began.

QSM3 has left the notion that “Innate Intelligence takes the Adjustive force”, back to a method that “Includes Innate Intelligence in its Adjustive force.”

We call that connectivity and tension release.  The components of all misalignments are the sum of physical trauma, energetic response, structural relationships and gravitational compression over time.  Trauma induced into the myofascial envelope (MFE), damages the MFE, and leads to a neuro-muscular response that puts the head over the pelvis, via proprioception.  Over time, the gravitational stress becomes overwhelming and collapse of the system is imminent.  This flow model is so crucial to our future focus, it seems awkward to discuss a comprehensive postural restorative approach without it.  Why overlook the predominant system in the human body… its energy.  The physical component is at its command.  That is clear by making a list of conscious vs. unconscious functions.

Subluxation is a global stressor that only a few techniques have been able to address beyond Stephenson’s thought of the time.  Current methods should consider the effects of neuro-myofascial compensation as it degenerates over time.  Time and gravity are part of the causes of our energetic stress that degenerate our posture.  They are linked to increases in internal body pressure from head to toe and continuing down to the cellular level.

The holdouts will remain but others are moving on.  It is natural.  More and more chiropractors are aware of the mind, body, and energy quotients that integrate us beyond Stephenson’s model.  To walk the path of a higher existence is a demand we feel inside.  We have no control over it as we have no control even of our own breath.  It cannot be stopped, for Universal Intelligence is part of everything and drives all.  Move or be moved…It is what it is.


Lantz CA. The subluxation complex. In: Gatterman MI,ed. Foundations of Chiropractic Subluxation. St. Louis, MO: Mosby, 1995