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In order to use the Locate a Doctor feature, simply type in your address, city, or zip code in order to find a doctor anywhere within a 25-500 mile radius from where you are. You can also search for a Doctor by their first, last, or whole name. (EX: “John” or “Smith” or “John Smith”


Each doctor has a certain level of certification following their name. Below explains the different type of certifications levels.

Level Q – Attended 2 consecutive MOD 1 national conferences, active member 1 year, & 80% on written Q Test

Level QS – Attended 2 consecutive MOD1, 2 consecutive MOD2, active member 2 years, & 80% on written S Test

Level QSM – Active member, evaluated 3 case studies at a national conference by a panel of 3 QSM or QSM3 certification level Doctors

Level QSM³ Full Board Certified – Completed level QSM, demonstrate at his/her office the corrective process of 5 consecutive patients using the complete QSM3 protocol and answered verbally the questions throughout the process by a certified doctor.

Search For a Doctor By Name (First and/or Last Name):

(EX: “John” or “Smith” or “John Smith”)

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