Corrective health care is a simple concept. If something isn’t working, fix it, and don’t just put a Band-Aid on it. Seems like a basic fundamental but throw billions of dollars by pharmaceutical companies, cancer clinics, and the hospitals and here we are today. We take more than 133 countries combined says the world health organization. With only 186 countries out there, we are medicating symptoms with toxins more than anyone else.

We approach this differently. “Symptoms” are simply a detail of a deeper underlying dysfunction within the physical mechanism. Empower the body so it can fix itself. That is what it is made to do.

99% of illnesses are dis-ease related, and only 1% istrauma. The 99% is the degenerative illness of your body manifesting as migraines, cancer, heart disease, TMJD, Trigeminal neuralgia, vertigo, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain… to name a few.

We address illness from a correctiveand restorative level. This is accomplishedas a sequence of events that unfolds natural success.  Foundational corrective care gets to the root cause along with the effective answers.  Thisapproach works synergistically and within what is a natural, healing mechanism.

Every visit, we discussmisalignment and its significant relationship to optimal health. The misalignment compresses joints, muscles, and vital organs in the body. It affects us physically and energetically. It is what I believe to be the foundational component torestorative health as well as the platform for recovery.

But the second keystone towards health is to restore the nervous system to full power.  The human gut, thyroid and adrenals are power players. They are the engines and workers. If they are not firing on allcylinders, healing stalls. Coffee is an over the counter daily med for many.

The gut harbors and works 80% of our immune system. That’s big. That is the one that fights disease and kills cancer cells. Important to good gut health is crucial to healing and optimal function.  Earlier we discussed the medication issues we face today.

Gut dysfunction and related illnesses are an outcome of our over-use of antibiotics and steroids. Just one full prescription can damage gut health and initiate the drain on the subsequent systems. This event if multiplied, is what causes adrenal and thyroid dysfunction. So, first we destroy the gut, than the adrenals and thyroid follow as they are asked to pick up the extra load. They ultimately fatigue and the medications start rolling in. Peanuts were never outlawed from my elementary school!

Detoxifying and restoring gut, adrenal, and thyroid to optimal function is imperative in corrective and empowering your health. In our office we use Candace to work this corrective sequence to help healing improve and last.

There is a corrective approach that works best. The one you were born with.

All the best