We offer conferences and seminars featuring the QSM³ protocol several times a year. These fast-paced, hands-on, split-level experiences are for anyone. If you are newly interested in QSM³ or a seasoned veteran who wants to improve your skills, these conferences are for you. Continuing Education credits for technique are given if we have a request for your state 90 days in advance.

Atlanta: Mod 3 Advanced


2017 date coming soon

The correction of 3-D posture and its restoration to Tensegral and Orthogonal is two parts. The biomechanics rules of the QSM3 algorithm are first. The dynamic adjustment releasing the resistant pathways is second. MOD 3 advanced is a one-day conference “hands on only” with Dr. Friedman. The class is for members who have attended at least one MOD1 class and one MOD2 conference. Limited to 12 attendees.

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Module 1& 2: Fall 2016 Conference – Dallas, TX


Sept 23-25, 2016

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“For us to be balanced we must balance the physical and the spirit, innate intelligence, or energy (force).”

Russell Friedman DC, Board Certified: QSM³, NUCCA, Orthospinology, BSME