About QSM³

What Is Upper Cervical Progressive Chiropractic?

QSM³ Corrective Chiropractic Care Based on the Tensegrity Model

QSM³ (Quantum Spinal Mechanics 3) is at present the most progressive upper cervical chiropractic procedure. It was founded on the principles of traditional upper cervical procedures but with the vision to advance the corrective technical approach into the 21st Century. It is science-based, precise, and dedicated to the continued advancement of the works of Palmer, Grostic, and Gregory.
Its model to correct the degenerative effects of spinal misalignment is the future of our profession and the foundation of health.

The doctors of QSM³ look beyond the traditional model of its predecessors by an advanced analysis of the whole human frame from pelvis to skull. This comprehensive approach brings more specificity in an attempt to reduce spinal corrections and to optimize results. QSM³ incorporates the traditional Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC) as its cornerstone but searches further. This full posture technique restores the body to its highest mechanical potential.

Upper Cervical Progressive Chiropractic has always had the goal to restore the body to its orthogonal position. The QSM³ procedure is a progression of these great chiropractic works.

“Within the past few years, the traditional terminology of upper cervical chiropractors of “the bone out of place” has begun to be replaced by the concepts of “vitalism”, “tensegrity”, and “orthogonal.” I believe this is a result of the revitalization of our field and art. What we do is more than move a bone. We open the whole body to a symmetrical, almost expansive state, for every cell in our patients’ bodies. Physically and energetically we give to our patients and they physically and energetically respond. It is the deepest thought in vitalism where we are ONE.”

Russell Friedman DC, Board Certified: QSM³, NUCCA, Orthospinology, BSME