I was speaking with a member a while back.He called me to discuss the best way to transition a patient from one UC procedure to QSM3.  He has some patients who are used to thinking about his work under another name; he was concerned about nomenclature and educating his patients about the new procedures.

The words better, right, wrong are no longer expectable discourse. The truth is there are no “correct” words.  Unfortunately for chiropractic, this reliance on words, names, and titles has damaged us, both among ourselves and in the eyes of the public. We are unable to deliver a clear message as a unified group. This concern with pigeonholing procedures has stagnated us for decades and will continue to be divisive unless we change. Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Today, I would like to talk about what I see as both a positive movement and a productive path forward for us and our patients. It is time to disregard the tactics from past procedures that may have been designed to use force and fear to hold us in one place. Letting go of our fear of change will release us from the stasis of the past.  As we mature, we outgrow philosophies which no longer resonate with us. This maturing allows us to disregard the old and embrace the new; in some ways, that serves as a pretty good definition of growth, doesn’t it?

I have long known that when we are true to our hearts, universal intelligence will provide us the right road to travel. And, if we are untrue or out of phase with self, we receive stress as an indicator to get back on “our resonant path.”

“Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

It is a perfect system of checks and balances that is there to guide us – even when it is not evident to us.  I once taught a course called Marketing in Your Pajamas.  Basically, it said to just do whatyou know is good and right – your stream. Because when you get in your stream, you don’t ever have to paddle …it just takes you along.

How does this apply to transition, communication, and your future as a successful powerful QSM3 practitioner? Simple.  When you are true to yourself, life works better. If you want growth, if you want change, if you want ultimate and optimal living with success, then you must remove the obstacles to those objectives and allow success to happen.  The first step in that process is recognizing your fears and releasing them.

Patients old and new are excited when you are. Just as new processes and procedures excite you, so too will they excite your patients.  Spenda few minutes during your next patient visit explaining the QSM3 model of Decompression, Tensegrity, Vitalism (3D skull to pelvis). You will be amazed at how receptive all your patients are.  Make them a part of your expanding knowledge, include them, and they will expand with you. Your passion will engage and resonate with them.  As the positive energy, excitement and intelligence is shared, you create a space of openness and inclusion.  This clear and openspace is the key to ultimate success – both for you and your patients.  As you speak of what you do, your communications can serve as a paradigm of QSM3, Up and Open! QSM3 can stand on its own two feet, as you well know.

Clear the old that no longer resonates, live in your present truth of heart and makeroom for everything you deserve. The truth will always set you free.

On Purpose and In Progress,