QSM³ Vitalism

QSM3 is a forward thinking cervical, global, and tonal based chiropractic method. Cervical adjustments have long been the area of historical and present “ miracle cases”. QSM3 continues to advance that esteemed lineage as the only chiropractic procedure that measures 3D posture of the whole body, relating it to gravity, and using this digital data to substantiate corrective results. The goal is to restore 3D balance (Orthogonality) and optimal Tensegral balance (optimal Healthy posture) that is both measurable and corrective. The QSM³ adjustment restores optimal Nervous System function, joint symmetry, and muscle balance, by restoring proper flow of blood, oxygen and coordination of communication to the entire body.

Over a lifetime, the human body can be subjected to multiple traumas that cause postural misalignment patterns, balanced or unbalanced. These whole body patterns are measurable from short leg to head tilt. Using postural data, the QSM3 method uses a multiple headpiece protocol to restore the entire 3D full body subluxation to Orthogonality. Trauma creates a devolving path of break down through the whole body. Correction must follow a reverse path. The QSM3 model describes and embodies the entire process from ‘cause to correction’.

The human body uses the majority of its energy to maintain postural balance. It is the recursive coordination and orchestration of input from the sensory proprioceptors, coupled with central integration, and ongoing 3D motor response by the myofascial envelope (MFE) that maintains healthy position/configuration in the whole body. This keeps necessary energy input and biomechanical stress to a minimum. The MFE coordinates balance through a matrix of pathways that originate in the feet, and anchor superiorly until they all insert into the skull. Modulation of the superior structure via the righting reflex, vestibular apparatus, and proprioception (with most dense beds at C0/C1/C2 and pelvis) creates tension lines though the MFE to develop and maintain balance and agility.

Measure, Access, Remove, and Release are the biomechanical tenants of the QSM3 method. Patterns are measurable. They are accessed through a tier of protocols for patient and headpiece placement. The pathways are released via a dynamic correction approach that involves a ‘connectivity’ flow of matter and energy from doctor to patient.

It is this connectivity that bridges upper cervical with the energetic arts. The perfect balance of the Triune, the 4th principle of chiropractic.

Russell Friedman DC

Board Certified: QSM3, NUCCA, Orthospinology, BSME

“Reduction of the upper cervical elements but continued misalignment of the pelvis sets up an ongoing situation of aberrant tension in the whole kinetic chain.”

Michael Thomas DC, QSM³ Innovator